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CMMI V2.0 Fundations of Capability (COMPLETED)

August 18, 2020 Procesix Comments Off
It is an official course of the CMMI Institute, which allows attendees to: Learn about the new Capability Maturity Model for Integration (CMMI – DEV) V2.0, its main characteristics, structure and components.











Addressed to

People from the quality and processes areas, potential team members of evaluation teams



• Access to the Online Model Viewer tool for 7 days (starting 2 days before the Foundations of Capability course). Allows you to download a custom PDF copy of the model ($ 150 reference value) and access to other materials.

• A single opportunity to take the “CMMI Associate” exam online (value included in the course fee. Independently, it would be US $ 250). You have 30 days to submit it

100% attendance required.

Los alumnos que aprueben el examen recibirán la certificación “CMMI Associate» del CMMI Institute.

Students who pass the exam will receive the “CMMI Associate” certification from the CMMI Institute.

Students taking the 2-day Foundations of Capability or Upgrade course must take the CMMI Associate exam at the end of the course.

If they then also pass Building Development Excellence or Building Services Excellence, they will obtain a certificate of 'Certified CMMI Associate with Development / Services'

* Dates subject to modifications and availability of places. Limited places

Registration closing

  • 08/14/2020


Course completed


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Start date

  • August 19, 20 and 21, 2020

Start time

8:00 am

Ending time

 12:00 m