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The PROCESIX Quality Policy aims to provide our clients with the most advanced talent, knowledge and management methodologies, adapted to the reality of their organizations to enable their competitiveness and continuity, for this reason, our policy is aimed at the effective compliance with our mission:

“We specialize in BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, to help our clients meet their needs for EFFICIENCY and COMPETITIVENESS in their services, IT products and digital transformation processes”.

Senior Management is the highest authority of PROCESIX in quality matters and assumes the role of promoter in the Quality Management strategy, motivating and promoting the participation of all company personnel in activities related to quality, in the preventive detection and in taking actions for its continuous improvement.

We believe in quality as the principle and main axis of our services. We develop business strategies and we firmly believe that only through quality of service as a methodology can we achieve excellence in projects.

The main objective of our Quality Management System will be aimed at the satisfaction of our client companies, as well as that of our staff and the environment of our company, always based on the continuous improvement of our organization and our activity, for what that we will make the experience, flexibility, capacity, expertise and knowledge of our collaborators available.

For this, it has been decided to promote this quality policy in order to:

  1. Adapt the company´s organization to the demands of a changing and competitive market, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, through continuous improvement and the participation of all the people in the company.
  2. Evaluate, analyze and constantly improve the company’s processes in relation to the quality of our services, based on a permanent improvement in quality, profitability and competitiveness.
  3. Guarantee compliance with the technical, regulatory and normative requirements, internal and external, of our services, as well as ensuring adequate identification and risk assessment of our business that allow PROCESIX to guarantee its continuity.
  4. Continuous training, the management of the reconciliation of personal, family and work life and the commitment of our consultants will be essential columns to guarantee the quality of our services, supported by knowledge management as a vehicle for meeting the requirements. applicable laws, clients and interested parties, the continuous improvement of our services and the satisfaction of our clients.