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The PROCESIX Crime Prevention Model consists of a set of measures that seek to prevent the company from being used to commit crimes of money laundering, financing of terrorism, bribery of national and foreign public officials, reception, corruption between individuals, incompatible negotiation , misappropriation and unfair administration, as well as all those that give rise to or are preceding events such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, the use of privileged information, among others.

This model is applicable to all PROCESIX collaborators, be they direct or indirect indefinitely, temporarily or subcontractor; It also applies to Clients, Suppliers and Third Parties.

This procedure will be used when there is a well-founded suspicion or certainty of the occurrence of some fact that reports transgressions or violations of the crimes typified in our model.

PROCESIX has enabled a channel for the receipt of the complaints received and will ensure the analysis, confidential and without retaliation for the complainants, through a process structured and monitored by the Responsible for Crime Prevention, a procedure that is described in the Model of Crime Prevention.

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