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PROCESIX COLOMBIA SAS, identified with NIT number 900.050.767 – 9, in accordance with the provisions contained in Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, Legal Person considered as responsible and / or in charge of the processing of personal data, adopts the This privacy and personal data protection policy, regarding its collection, storage and administration received from clients, suppliers, contractor, independent advisors, consultants, collaborators and in general from any natural person who owns the personal data object Treatment (hereinafter ‘Owner’ or ‘Holders’).

The company PROCESIX COLOMBIA S.A.S., respects the privacy of each of the data of the Holders, and in general, of any natural person who owns personal data who facilitate or provide their information.

In this sense, PROCESIX COLOMBIA S.A.S., receives the information and stores it safely and appropriately. However, the Holders can check the accuracy of this information and take measures to update it and / or request its elimination. The information is collected, processed and used in accordance with current legal regulations.

Thus, the company PROCESIX COLOMBIA S.A.S., collects and stores the personal information related to the Holders for the purposes of consultation, processing and use, solely and exclusively if the Holders voluntarily decide to supply the information and give their authorization in this regard. All the information provided by the Holders on a voluntary basis is part of a ‘Database’ that is governed by Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013 and other regulations that modify, add or complement them.

The data is collected for the development and execution of the corporate purpose and the ordinary course of business of the company and compliance with legal provisions, contractual or business commitments..

Before storing or handling personal data, PROCESIX COLOMBIA S.A.S., complies with the following requirements: a) The Holder must give his explicit authorization to said treatment, except in cases where by law the granting of said authorization is not required. B) In the event that the owner is physically or legally incapacitated, the legal representatives must grant their authorization. C) Manifest to the owner the reason why they will use their data and delimiting the limits of said treatment.

The databases will have a validity equal to the period in which the purpose or purposes of the treatment are maintained in each database, or the period of validity that indicates a legal, contractual or specific activity.


  1. Know, update and rectify your personal data in front of the Treatment Managers or Treatment Managers. This right may be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading data, or those whose Treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized under the terms of Law 1581 of 2012 (or failing that With the norms that regulate, add, execute, complement, modify, suppress or repeal it).
  1. Request proof of the authorization granted to the Responsible for the Treatment except when expressly excepted as a requirement for the Treatment, in accordance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 1581 of 2012 (or failing that with the rules that regulate it, add, Execute, complement, modify, suppress or repeal) or when the continuity of the treatment has been presented in accordance with Article 10 numeral 4 of Decree 1377 of 2013.
  1. Be informed by the Treatment Manager or the Treatment Manager, upon request, regarding the use that has been given to your personal data.
  1. Submit complaints to the Personal Data Protection Authority of Colombia for violations of the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 (or, failing that, with the rules that regulate, add, execute, complement, modify, suppress or repeal it).
  1. Revoke the authorization and / or request the deletion of the data when the treatment does not respect the principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees. The revocation and / or deletion will proceed when the Colombian Personal Data Protection Authority has determined that in the Treatment the Responsible or Person in Charge have engaged in conduct contrary to Law 1581 of 2012 (or failing that, with the rules that regulate it, Add, execute, complement, modify, suppress or repeal) and / or the Constitution. The request to suppress the information and the revocation of the authorization will not proceed when the Holder has a legal or contractual duty to remain in the database or the responsibility.
  1. Free access to your personal data that have been subject to Treatment. The owner can consult his personal data free of charge: a) at least once every calendar month, and (b) whenever there are substantial modifications to the information processing guidelines that motivate him to make new inquiries.