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CMMI V2.0 Building Development Excellence (COMPLETED)

August 18, 2020 Procesix Comments Off

It is an official CMMI Institute course, taken after the Foundations of Capability course, which allows attendees to:
Implement and enhance its capacity for engineering and development of products, solutions and services.


Addressed to

Technology Managers, Systems Engineers, process improvement experts, members of EPG (Engineering Process Group) groups, auditors, QA (Quality Assurance), members of organizations that develop, maintain or acquire software systems, ICT and engineering in general , members of a valuation team (Benchmarking or Sustainement Appraisal), as well as those who are interested in understanding the new CMMI V2.0 model


Have attended the Building Capabilities course.



• Student materials online..

• Registration in the official registry of the CMMIInstitute, with a Certificate of Completion

The CMMI Institute requires 100% attendance and active participation during the class.

* Dates subject to modifications and availability of places. Limited places

Registration closing

  • 08/14/2020


Course completed


Contact your account manager or write to us at


Microsoft Teams platform

Start date

  • August 12 and 13

Start time

8:00 am

Ending time

 12:00 m